5 signs of heart attack

Human heart pumps blood throughout the body are constantly at around 4-5 liters of blood every minute. Therefore, if blood flow is not smooth can cause damage to heart muscle that causes the heart pump disorders (heart failure) and death.

Trigger heart attacks, among others, excessive exercise, which spend a lot of emotional upset or other activities done to excess.there are at least five heart attack signs to watch out for:

  1. Depression (felt overwritten load, pain, pinched and burned), which causes suffocation and strangulation in the neck.
  2. The pain may radiate to left arm, neck and back.
  3. The pain can last about 15-20 minutes and occur continuously.
  4. Arise in a cold sweat, body weakness, palpitations and even fainting.
  5. The pain can be reduced when taking a break, but will gain weight if you're on the move.

Some ways you can do to prevent heart attacks such as keeping cholesterol, blood fat levels, keep blood pressure in order to control, stop smoking, avoid fatty foods, living on fruit and vegetable consumption, exercise regularly, lose weight and reduce stress