10 secrets for healthy heart

Health experts say there are some important things that must be considered for you who have a high risk of heart disease is he among others:

1. Cholesterol levels should always be below 200 mg%

2. LDL try ​​always less than 150 mg%

3. Try triglyceride levels of less than 200 mg%

4. HDL try ​​always above 50 mg%

5. Fasting glucose levels less than 120 mg%

6. 2-hour postprandial glucose levels (after meals) are not

      exceed 160 mg%

7. Blood pressure should not exceed 140 mmHg

      for systole and does not exceed 90 mmHg for


8. Do not smoke or environmental tobacco smoke.

9. Can control stress as well (stress


10.Sports regular exercise, gradual and measured. (preferably

      Aerobic type mis.senam breathing, exercise

      games, etc.).