Enjoying Fast Food with Healthier

Various fast food outlets or fast food restaurants offer American fried chicken, nuggets, burgers or sausages. And the food has become the preferred food of children and even adults. Savory taste of these foods makes us happy to eat it. No wonder at the mall, a restaurant that sells food is crowded.

Unfortunately, these foods are not healthy foods. Fat content that makes a person suffering from high cholesterol and obesity, additional ingredients that can damage the body, and very little fiber are some things that make these foods are not recommended for health. If you have or may wish to enjoy the food at fast food restaurants or fast food, in some ways, you can make these foods are healthier for the body. Here's some important information before you decide to enjoy the food.

American Fried Chicken

American fried chicken or what is commonly known as the fried chicken is one of the fast food is the most popular. A variety of restaurants both within and outside the country have been peddling this fried chicken. Why is it less healthy fried chicken? And how the trick is to eat fried chicken in a safe manner?
The reason the American fried chicken (fried chicken) are less healthy:

  • Regular use of chicken which is usually given an injection of hormones in breeding.
  • Chicken of this type have a lot of fat content.
  • Using cooking oil that has a high boiling point. Such oils contain cholesterol.
  • In order to get the chicken skin is dry but the inside still delicious, fried chicken with deep frying at high temperatures. This technique makes oil more and more absorbed into the chicken meat, can reach 65%.

Trick enjoy American fried chicken (fried chicken) to make it healthier:

  • Set aside chicken skin. On the skin, the fat contained in it quite a lot. If possible, the skin should not be eaten even if the piece is indeed the most delicious.
  • Choose the chest, because the fat content in this section is less than the chicken thighs.
  • Eat healthy foods. Salad with a little mayonnaise or vegetable is a menu that you can eat so you still get fiber to the body.

Sausage and Nugget

Sausage and nuget is also one of the favorite foods. For example, for a burger or hotdog. Sausage and nuget not only available at fast food restaurants, but is also available and sold in various supermarkets. Why do you also need to pay attention when eating sausage or nuget? And how the tricks to stay healthy while enjoying the sausage and nuget?
Reason nuget sausage and less healthy:

  • Sausages and nuggets have passed various stages of processing which has the addition of various preservatives or dyes that make the kidneys work to be heavy.
  • Using a meat that is not clear. Having been through the process, the material used to not be known with certainty. Part viscera, skin or cartilage may even be used for production costs can be minimized.

Trick to enjoying nugget and sausage with healthier:

  • Eat smaller portions or share so that the amount eaten is not too much.
  • Add the vegetable menu in your menu such as salad or fruit intake at subsequent meals.

Because you may not completely avoid fast food or fast food, then you can use the trick mentioned earlier to minimize the negative effects of fast food. You can also make yourself at home so that the materials are used more secure and more healthful.

For example, you can use the chicken when making fried chicken, using natural dyes when making sausage, and replace spices with a safe as a replacement for MSG with manufacturing techniques that are not dangerous.

Do not forget to add the vegetables and fruit as the fiber so that the food is not very long stay in the intestine and absorbed by the body. Enjoy fast food or fast food you.