Habits at home that led to the arrival of disease

Home is where we spend time daily, in addition to the office. But are you also aware that the home can be a source of disease if we do not treat him well? There are a few little quirks that you might not realize that this habit could adversely impact healthy.Including is available below.

Not replacing the sponge
Sponge is a tool we use to wash dishes or cutlery that dirty.How often do you replace the sponge? Sponge is often used to wash the dishes if not replaced can be a gathering place for bacteria that can infect you.

Rarely change the sheets and pillowcases

Are not you realize every day we spend sweat.Sweat of these bacteria can infect and disrupt breathing.Accustom you change the sheets, pillowcases and your bedroom regularly.

Not cleaning the air conditioner

AC is a suitable place to grow and breed mildew and mikroba.When AC turned on the spores of the fungus.

Not bathing pets
Pet if not treated can become a nest parasite infestation and therefore bathe your pet regularly so you will be free from diseases that can spread from pet them.