Living Healthy With Organic Food

Foods or beverages that we eat may not be separated from the pollution of the toxin / poison.Toxins in food or drinks can weaken immunity and cause the emergence of dangerous diseases, among others.

• Allergies, asthma, sinus and bronchitis
• Cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) and hepatitis
• Digestive problems: heartburn and obesity
• Colorectal cancer and bowel obstruction in
• Kidney stones and kidney failure

• Heart failure, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries
• Diabetes
• Tumors and cancers (breast, uterus)
• Stroke
• Skin diseases, acne, wrinkles, etc.
• Lymph nodes
• Uric acid and joint pain
• Prostate cancer, impotence
• Mumps, thyroid gland
• Osteoporosis, premature aging, menopause

Then how to solve this problem?
The answer is,Lifestyle organik.Organic lifestyle is: in harmony with nature, regular exercise, adequate sunshine and fresh air, drink plenty of clear water, avoid smoking, control your emotions, stay away from alcohol and drugs.