Healthy low calorie foods

Nutritional advisor of The Biggest Looser Cheryl Forberg, provide a list of foods that can magically create the ideal waist dream.Makanan We are we often encounter but rarely do we touch when it's easy to get food.Foods We are we often encounter but rarely do we touch when it's easy to get food. 

Dream of having the ideal waist actually not that difficult as long as the pattern of healthy eating habits had become a reference in every day.Bellow are some foods that can lose weight and make us slim waist.

Mushrooms are very rich in water, otherwise it is very delicious mushroom and the amount of
very low calories.Although mushrooms can be processed with ease, pleasure burgers we can still feel if you replace meat with mushrooms.


Eggplant is a vegetable that consists of 95 percent water, which means it has a very low calorie content. Imagine in 150 grams of eggplant, only contains 100 caloriesSo,do not hesitate to include eggplant in your shopping list.


Peanuts from japan should be included in your shopping list, why? Bean is very low in calories and rich in protein and fiber.In just half a bowl, contains 100 calories, 8 grams protein and 4 grams serat.Do not hesitate to make this bean as a snack in spare time.

Fruit juice is often used as these are very tasty and of course this could save sehat.This fruit can  save stomach from fatty deposits and also keep heart arteries from fat bad deposits.For maintain a healthy womb avocado remain a healthy food, snacks should not make it in jus.Cut into small part, then give the lime juice over it and sprinkle a little salt.Snack delicious and healthy ready to served.